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Englisch für Kinder Zettel
Englisch für Kinder Zettel
Englisch für Kinder Zettel

Lars Hinrichs

Germany's leading entrepreneur on English for kids.


Englisch für Kinder Zettel
English for Kids set

What is immersive learning?


In this case, it means English for kids the way they learn their mother tongue.


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English for kids with the video A special day




With Discover English with Ben & Bella’s entertaining multimedia products,

English for kids - the fun way!

Discover English with Ben & Bella


Nuremberg Recommendations for Early Foreign
Language Learning


Germany's renowned Goethe Institut has published an
updated guide on early language training.


In this seminal study, a Nobel Prize-winning


economist proves the importance of early intervention in producing educated and productive citizens.


Your child is smarter than you think.

How else would he or she have learned your
mother tongue without being explicitly taught?

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Early language training English for kids English for kids the way they learn their mother tongue.



The educator's job is hard; we offer a solution.

We've developed an effective tool to

make English for kids pleasurable and easily achievable.

Early learning provides a head start in life.

The human brain grows the most rapidly
and extensively during the first years of life.

English for kids with ben an bella.

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