Ben & Bella - Treasure Box

Learn English by playing in English!

With the innovative Ben & Bella – Treasure Box app, young children can create their own audiovisual English dictionary of more than 300 key words. You can download many Ben & Bella animated cartoons, fine audio-books, animated video-books and wonderful songs to sing-along. All are narrated or sung by native English speakers. These not only entertain children but familiarize them with spoken English in no time.

The app is available for smartphones and tablets (iOS & Android)

Here’s how it works:

  • Register within the app to make sure your content remains yours, even when switching devices.
  • After selecting Camera, your child can start scanning images from all the Ben & Bella storybooks, e-books or sticker books or from wherever he/she finds new Ben & Bella images. When the camera is aimed at an image, it will be identified verbally. The image is automatically added to your child’s Gallery, and the audiovisual English dictionary grows with every scan.
  • Once children have scanned a number of images, they can sort and filter them in the Gallery – and test and retest their knowledge of key English words.
  • Encourage your child to go on a treasure hunt by searching for the illustrations that add Ben & Bella cartoons, audio-books and songs to the Gallery. These can be streamed or downloaded, allowing your child to play and learn not only at home but also on the go.

Your child can collect all Ben & Bella cartoons, audio-books and songs and hundreds of key English words in just one app, learning hundreds of new vocabulary words and enjoying the diversity of real books, videos and music.

Keep your eyes open for our advertising, our hand-out cards and our new products – you and your child will find cool new stuff with almost every image. So the more you find, the more your child learns.

With the Ben & Bella Treasure Box app, playing means learning!


Special benefits:

  • helps children to gain and maintain important English-language vocabulary words
  • teaches correct English pronunciation
  • encourages abstract thinking
  • supports independent learning
  • provides hours of educational fun


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