Ben & Bella Story Creator

The Ben & Bella – Story Creator app has been developed to be played on the iPhone and iPad and is an initiate to motivate children up to 7 years of age into creating and reading stories, thereby promoting and enhancing their interactive e-learning skills. Approved by teachers, parents and toddlers alike, the app focuses on simplicity and ease of use with instructions to guide the users at each step to make learning fun-filled, engaging and interesting. The idea/purpose of creating this app is to promote creation of interactive stories which stimulates the imagination of kids, thereby enhancing their English learning skills and creativity with added features in the app.

With this app, your child’s knowledge shall be considerably enhanced in following ways:

  • Learning the names and sounds of various animals
  • Knowing different objects
  • Improving imagination for creating stories
  • Learning about placing of animals & objects

Advantages of the App:

  • A step-wise guide to create stories
  • An interface that toddlers will find simple and intuitive
  • A “voice over” function to record stories
  • Animations for animals that include various activities of eating, jumping, walking, playing, etc
  • Colorful high-resolution artwork and animal voices that keep children engaged
  • A feedback screen showing a child’s achievement and stars collected that motivate them to unlock more animals

Appealing, intriguing and easy to understand, the Ben & Bella story creator nurtures and fosters young children’s imagination and creativity while they are enjoying it. Don’t let your child miss out on this amazing app!



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