Q. Why should I download this app for my kid?

A. The Ben & Bella App series is developed on the pedagogical principle of learning. To learn singing and dancing is essential for kids. A complete entertaining and educative app which not only creates an engaging impact but also helps children gain a lot of knowledge. If your child loves to sing and dance then this is definitely the ultimate app to download.


Q. On which devices does the Ben & Bella - Story Creator work?

A. Ben & Bella can be played on the iPad & iPhone.


Q. If I have an issue with the application where can I go for help?

A. Any issue faced by you while playing the app on your device you can simply write your query and email it to benandbella@witsindia.com. And we will provide you with a solution immediately.


Q. Where can I download it from?

A. You can download Ben & Bella – Story Creator from the iTunes store or from the following link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ben-bella-story-creator/id1098181260?ls=1&mt=8


Q. How much does the app cost?

A. The app is free on iTune store.


Q. Which OS version do I need for this App?

A. iPad & iPhone: iOS 7.0 & above.


Q. How big is the download file?

A. The download file is 756 MB for iOS.


Q. Who developed the Ben & Bella - Story Creator?

A. WITS Interactive Pvt. Ltd. has developed this application. You can learn more about us from our website www.witsindia.com


Q. Is Ben & Bella - Story Creator localized in any other language other than English?

A. No. Ben & Bella - Story Creator is only in English.


Q. How do I give you feedback/ideas on how the app can be improved?

A. We'd love to hear from you if you have suggestions on how we can improve the app or even complaints. We take all feedback very seriously. You can write to us at benandbella@witsindia.com and we will do our best to improvise and make changes if necessary.


Q. How do I remove the Application from my device?

A. In order to remove the app from your device, simply hold down the Guardian icon on your iPhone or iPad touch. When the icon begins to 'shake' tap the delete icon. For deleting the app from your iTunes account, simply highlight the app with the cursor and press the 'delete' key.



Write to us: benandbella@witsindia.com

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