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Young children are gifted language learners. Playvolution’s lively and entertaining physical and digital products, which feature the loveable cartoon characters Ben and Bella, use the immersion principle to introduce English to children aged 2 to 6. Your child will dive enthusiastically into Ben and Bella’s colorful, fun, age-appropriate world and learn English the way he/she likes best – actively and playfully. Hundreds of thousands of happy customers agree: the results will amaze you!

Top 4 reasons why you should choose the Ben & Bella English language learning course for your child:


Children are born with the ability to acquire languages quickly and effortlessly. This innate ability diminishes as they grow older.


Harvard University studies confirm that children’s creativity and their aptitude for critical and flexible thinking are greatly enhanced if they learn a second language when they are young.


Scholars of early language acquisition and bilingual education agree that immersion is the best and most successful method for young children to learn a foreign language.


To date, more than 1 million Ben & Bella products have been sold in more than 30 countries.


Gifted Language Learners'


Young children are like tiny scientists. They listen and observe closely and experiment daily with the world around them through play. Unlike adults, they can mimic new sounds accurately and grasp basic grammar intuitively and do not need to be explicitly taught. They pick up new words and expressions simply from the context in which they are presented. When they are truly engaged in something, learning comes especially easily.

By exposing young children to an English-language environment in ways that engage them, our year-long Ben & Bella language course takes advantage of their natural language-learning skills. Its entertaining products involve them actively and playfully – hence naturally and effectively – in learning the English language. Our program makes learning fun!


A Perfect Physical and Digital Product-Mix


Our year-long English-learning course for young children stars the entertaining cartoon characters, Ben and Bella. Through Ben, your child will be exposed to the sound of native American English, while Bella speaks with a British accent.

Our learning program comprises a series of four themed packages:

  • At the Zoo (animal and color vocabulary),
  • Going Places (transportation vocabulary),
  • Going Shopping (food and toy vocabulary) and
  • A Special Day (nature vocabulary).

The packages will be shipped to you according to a fixed schedule.

Each package gives your child access to a wide variety of fun-filled physical and digital offerings, which connect to and support one another. The physical offerings consist of a storybook, 3 related sticker posters, and 30 stickers, 30 flashcards, and 20 coloring templates, which encourage your child’s hands-on learning. The first box also includes an achievement chart and more than 60 stickers to paste onto it, as well as a free download of our Augmented Reality Treasure Box app. Read More


Immersion Principle


From birth on, children are constantly learning. Thirsty for new knowledge and endlessly curious, they acquire their first language just by being exposed to it – by hearing it and mimicking it and by playing and living in it.

We believe that learning is most successful when it is natural, not forced and that a child’s second or third language can come almost as easily as the first. All Ben & Bella products are based on immersive learning, the proven language-learning method that mimics the way that young children learn their mother tongue. Developed for preschool children with the assistance of the German Institute of Immersive Learning (GIFIL) in Hamburg, our products aim to teach English naturally and playfully, imparting knowledge while at the same time entertaining an energetic and inquisitive young audience.

Accompanied by the cartoon characters Ben and Bella, who are voiced by native English speakers, children hear and see, say, sing, play with and experience English as a complete language environment. See how joy in learning pays off – in just one year!


Colorful, Fun, Age-Appropriate World


The year-long Ben & Bella course features amusing, age-appropriate stories, catchy songs, and entertaining but educational games. These create an exciting English-language environment that your child will wish to return to again and again. The wide variety of content – from cartoon and song-and-dance videos to illustrated books and educational apps – ensures that there is something to interest every child, from the shyest to the most outgoing or active. With their interest and attention ensured, their understanding and knowledge of English will increase.

The loveable cartoon characters Ben and Bella will draw your child effortlessly into their world, which is portrayed in colorful, cheerful, and lively illustrations by the illustrator and educator Peter Paul Halapa. The two friends’ humorous adventures will awaken your child’s curiosity and stimulate him/her to join in!

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